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Abrasive Materials offers conditioned cut wire products for shot peening applications. Whether you are peening to aerospace specifications or peening gears, Abrasive Materials has a variety of products to meet your requirements. We have products that comply with SAE J441 and AMS 2431 referencing metallurgy, shape, hardness and size. We also offer Type I, Type II or Type III conditioned material.

Depending on your specification, peening can either be accomplished in an air blast system or a wheel blast unit. Many of our conditioned cut wire products are utilized for peening when damage to your parts due to the splitting or fracturing of cast products often occurs. Conditioned cut wire media will not fracture or split as cast products tend to, however they maintain their rounded shape and will delaminate with wear.

Abrasive Materials can provide technical assistance and expertise for shot peening processes. We provide assistance with media selection and process development. Our sample process facility utilizes the most up to date wheel blasting equipment as well as air blasting equipment. We can sample process any part in any media we offer so you can determine the peening intensity and coverage that best suits your requirements.

Medias typically used for blast cleaning include:

Contact Abrasive Materials today so that we can assist you with developing a process that best fits your finish expectations. Our sample processing service is available to you free of charge.

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