Abrasive Materials offers a wide array of metallic abrasives used in various blasting processes. Whether it is Conditioned Stainless Steel Cut Wire for peening applications or Zinc Cut Wire for paint stripping, Abrasive Materials can supply the proper abrasive for your application.

Contact Abrasive Materials today so that we can assist you with developing a process that best fits your finish expectations. Our sample processing service is available to you free of charge.

Stainless Steel Cut Wire


Stainless steel cut wire is a must for cleaning or peening operations where ferrous contamination cannot be tolerated.

Stainless steel cut wire is produced from type 302/304 wire manufactured to rigid specifications. The wire is cut to the same length as its diameter producing a solid, durable piece of shot.

Stainless steel cut wire is available in either “as cut” or conditioned forms.

Our stainless steel cut wire meets AMS 2431 and SAE J441 specifications referencing metallurgy, shape, hardness and size.


  • Produces very bright surfaces
  • Longer life than cast abrasives
  • No hollow, splits or twins
  • Maintains size and shape longer than cast abrasives
  • Produces dust free surfaces
  • Available “as cut” or “conditioned”
  • No scale contamination
  • Creates less dust than cast products

Zinc Cut Wire


Zinc cut wire is the abrasive of choice when damage and ferrous contamination from conventional steel abrasives are of concern. Zinc cut wire is made from 99% + high grade zinc wire. It is an ideal product for cleaning of fixtures or stripping paint hooks.

Zinc cut wire is a soft, non-ferrous abrasive that is capable of removing various coatings, removing flash from aluminum and magnesium die castings or simply producing a bright, uniform finish on any metal.


  • Removes flash up to 0.20″ from die castings without damaging the surface
  • Reduces wear and tear on blast equipment
  • Removes paint and other coatings without damaging the surface of the part
  • Thin film of zinc is deposited on steel parts during cycle providing short-term rust protection
  • Most suitable abrasive for deflashing magnesium die castings
  • Best choice for die castings with fine detail or delicate areas

Carbon Cut Wire


Carbon cut wire is an excellent choice for peening applications when fracturing and splitting of cast steel shot is a concern. Carbon cut wire does not fracture or split as cast products do, rather it delaminates as it wears. This allows it to maintain its spherical shape.

There are three classifications of conditioning, Type I, Type II (DCCW) and Type III (SCCW). Abrasive Materials offers carbon cut wire in any of these three classifications. Abrasive Materials also offers carbon cut wire in a “high” hardness of 55-62 HRC or a “low” hardness of 45-52 HRC.

Our conditioned carbon cut wire meets AMS 2431, SAE J441 and various other aerospace and automotive peening specs.


  • Longer life than cast abrasives
  • No hollows splits or twins
  • Maintains size and shape longer than cast abrasives
  • Produces dust free surfaces
  • Preferred for peening applications in comparison to cast products
  • Produces less dust than cast products

Cast Stainless Shot


Cast stainless shot is a popular product for cleaning and deburring aluminum or non-ferrous parts in air or wheel blast applications. It produces very bright surfaces and is ideal for producing finishes free from ferrous residue. Cast stainless shot is available in very small sizes.

Cast stainless steel shot is made from 300 series stainless steel. Cast stainless shot shares many of the characteristics of stainless cut wire.


  • Produces a bright surface finish
  • Available in a broad array of sizes
  • Produces finishes free of ferrous contamination

Aluminum Shot


Aluminum shot is the perfect choice for cleaning applications with delicate parts that may easily be damaged by heavier bulk density blast medias.

Aluminum shot is also a great candidate for cleaning aluminum components that cannot have other alloys contaminate their surface.


  • Products a bright surface finish
  • Produces finishes free of ferrous contamination

Other Abrasives


Abrasive Materials can also supply a variety of other alloyed abrasives. If your process requires a non-standard product we can easily manufacture these media types to fulfill your needs. We can supply an array of cut wire products ranging from unusual stainless steel alloys, aluminum or even copper. Abrasive Materials is happy to work with you on your non-standard cut wire abrasives.

Contact us today to discuss your application. Many of these products are available for sample processing in our state of the art lab. Whether it is air blasting or wheel blasting, Abrasive Materials can assist you with developing a process that best meets your finishing requirements.


  • Low Nickel Stainless Cut Wire
  • Aluminum Cut Wire
  • Specialty Cut Wire